Freedom caravan and camping club

1.      We ask all our members and guests of the club to comply with the terms and conditions hereafter. If you or your party do not comply with the terms and conditions we may terminate your membership and/or ask you to leave the site.

2.      Behaviour which is detrimental to another user of any site, site staff, local residents or members of the public and/or property belonging to, may result in your party being asked to leave the site without refund of payment and/or termination of membership.

3.      Club sites are permitted for recreational purposes only. Members are not permitted to use a site as a place of residence, work or other purpose not related to recreation.

4.      If a unit is to be left unoccupied overnight the owner/manager of the site must be informed.

5.      Accurate details of members and guest must be provided to the owner/manager of the site on request.

6.      Members and guests must comply with any individual site rules. The owner/manager of the site will make you aware of any additional rules.

7.      When pitching your unit, you must observe a 6 meter gap between your main unit and any adjacent unit and a 3 meter gap between any ancillary part of your unit and another unit ( this includes awnings and your car )

8.      Your unit and ancillary parts must be of reasonable condition so as not to cause danger to any user of the site. i.e Hookup cable must be in good serviceable condition.

9.      A pitch must only contain 1 sleeping unit with the exception of small pup tent which is allowed if the site owner agrees.

10.  Where allowed, BBQs must be placed a safe distance from any unit. You must consult you site owner/manager if you are unsure as to a safe distance to maintain.

11.  When booking you must provide accurate details of your unit and party.

12.  You must endeavour to arrive and depart by a reasonable time or a time which has been agreed with the site manager/owner.

13.  Members must check and comply with site specific rules.

14.  On leaving, you must ensure that all refuse is disposed of in suitable containers on site or taken away and your pitch must be left in reasonable condition.

15.  You must dispose of waste water/chemical toilet waste as advised by the site manager/owner. Waste water or toilet waste must not be allowed to contaminate land

16.  Noise should be kept to a minimum between the hours specified by the site owner/manager and due consideration should be given to families with children. Vehicles should only be used in emergencies between these hours.

17.  Camp fires are only permitted with the express permission of the site manager/owner

18.  Members must become aware of the site fire/emergency procedures as soon as reasonably possible and in the event of a fire/emergency carry out the actions as instructed.

19.  Where pets are allowed, they must be kept under control at all times and all foul should be cleaned up immediately.

20.  Complaints of unsuitable behaviour of other member's should be directed to the site manager/owner.



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