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                And if you want more:

                 For that Extra Dimension .......... 

                 For that Extra Thrill....................             who can 'Coaststeer' you around Abereiddy and The Blue Lagoon.

                 And with  a walk down to Trefin village:

                 For that Exceptional Breakfast....The Mill Café & Tea Room.    who can Start your day with a Full Plate and Titillate your Tastebuds for Tea.
                 For that Genuine Village Pub.....          who can Serve you  Beers and Honest Food throughout the day and evening.


                 For some reviews you may not have seen :-

                      Look for AryMwny on                                                    



                                                  and    for Andy Philips blog back on 13th Sept 2011

                    and even for being outed !!? back then..    


              And for an Enthusiast who asked,  and is undoubtedly  somewhat further West than we are !! .... perhaps have a read of


                                     And if you  Go to Google   key in 'AryMwny'  or just  'Normans Campsite Wales'

                  And if you should come and take some nice Photos..  Then we'd be pleased to see you post them on the Facebook Page named....

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