You don't need the Hype.............. You need the Experience!                                           

                                  For 2024 .........                                                              

                                  Prices  .....                                                                  

    Please email, phone or text for availability and booking..........                              07989 683573             01348 837892     

Camping  Per Adult  (17 and over)                   per night :    13-00 

                        Child  (6-16)                                       per night :      6-50

                       Children under 6                                         may stay   for free

                      Dogs and Suitable Pets                                     may also stay   for free

Showers are free to use..  IcePack freezing is free..   Phone Charging  is free..

Washing Up Sink and Fridge Freezers                                        are also free to use.

On site Laundry Wash and Dry Facility available for        7-00

 Good firewood is available to buy by the basket.                from    7-00

                          The preferred method of Payment when Booking is by Online Banking
                                                          Direct Transfer to the                                                      
                                            AryMwny Campingwildwales Account.

                                                                            Details on Request



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